Kilian Finger

Web Developer

Kilian Finger

Hey there! 👋

I'm Kilian 👨🏼‍💻, a web developer currently based at the foot of the alps in Salzburg, Austria 🇦🇹. I got involved in developing websites, apps and platforms during my Bachelor Media Technology in Cologne. After three years of agency experience at pooliestudios, I proceeded with a Master in MultiMediaTechnology in Salzburg. Currently, I'm trying to help you choose sustainable mobility options 🚲 and solve geospatial problems 🗺 at Trafficon.


  • Languages:
  • TypeScript
  • Nunjucks
  • SCSS
  • Frameworks:
  • React
  • React Native
  • Expo
  • NestJS
  • Tools:
  • Eleventy
  • Docker
  • GitLab CI & CD
  • OpenAPI
  • Topics:
  • Web(site) Performance
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Turning code into bikes

These are technologies I'm fond of ✨. I'm always open to dive into something new. But when starting on a green field, I will focus on these, which allow me to build resilient solutions for you 🦾.